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KRINOS SA has been active in the manufacturing of hydrated lime since 1960 and supplies the most productive industrial, commercial and agricultural companies in Greece.
HYDRATED LIME is Calcium dihydroxide - Ca(OH)2 in the form of an ultra fine powder.

This standardized and purified product meets the requirements of international quality regulations and has Reach Decision Submission Number SUB-D-2114192540-52-01/F .

CALCIUM DIHYDROXIDE or HYDRATED LIME is suitable for the following applications:

Compared with other derivatives of lime (lime paste, quicklime), Hydrated Lime  is a superior product due to its purity and high content of calcium hydroxide. This results in lower product consumption and reduced handling and transportation costs. It can be stored in a dry environment for over a year. Its advantages have promoted its use all over Europe and America.  

Z. Argyropoulos
Zacharias I. Argyropoulos
Civil Engineer NTUA
Founder of KRINOS SA.

In 1958,  Zacharias  Argyropoulos,  civil engineer and  graduate of the National Technical University of Athens and a select group of businessmen founded KRINOS SA – HYDRATED LIME. The factory was designed using German engineering expertise and plans created by engineers from the NTUA.  
One of the company’s advantages is its location within the old industrial zone on Piraeus Avenue in the Moschato area of Attica.   This allows quick and easy access to central highways and the Port of Piraeus.


Piraeus Avenue 84 A & Dimitsanis 7
Moschato, Postal Code 18346,  Greece.
Tel:  + 30 210 4813720
Fax: + 30 210 4825713


  • Bagged Products
    Paper bags of 25 kg
    Big Bags of 500 or 650 kg
  • Bulk
    In pneumatic silo trucks (approx. 18 tons).